Top 5 Clean Eating Tips

Top 5 Clean Eating Tips

This week I am excited to feature guest author Lyndsey Piccolino! Lyndsey the author of a fitness blog called Mamma Fit! I was so excited when she brought me the idea of speaking to you all about clean eating! This is often a goal of so many and her tips are amazing.  It is never too early to start on New Year’s resolutions ladies! Please welcome Lyndsey. 



Top 5 tips for getting started in clean eating:


Clean eating is a topic that mystifies many!  If you are just getting started with clean eating, it can be easy to become severely overwhelmed by the amount of resources on Pinterest.  My suggestion is to start small and focus on simple steps that you can take to clean up your meals!


1. Clear out your pantry

Chances are your pantry is full of items that have additives, preservatives, and other things that we just don’t want to be putting into our bodies.  In fact, the cleaner you eat, generally the less “pantry” items you will have!  Focus on stocking your pantry with whole grains, nuts and nut butters, oil & vinegar, and other clean eating items.  Toss anything with label items you can’t pronounce.  It’s better to start fresh than to be tempted.


 2. Shop the outer aisle of the grocery store

The outer aisles of the grocery store are where the whole foods are!  Veggies, fruits and proteins are always a good start when you are trying to clean up your meals. When you are meal planning, focus on filling your meals with veggies and protein first.  They will help keep you fuller longer so that you aren’t tempted to reach for an unhealthy packaged snack.


 3. Read labels

Labels are so informative and can really clue you into what you are putting into your body.  The less ingredients on the label the better!  And beware of labels that say “natural” or “whole grain”.  Some of these labels can be misleading!  To ensure you know what you are eating, take a few minutes to check out the label.


 4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Making sure you get enough water is crucial!  It can ward off hunger and keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated.  Also, when you are getting enough water, you are flushing the toxins from your body.  Try spicing up your water by trying a sparkling water like LaCroix, or throw some of your favorite fruits in your water to infuse it with some flavor.


 5. Meal Plan, Prep and Repeat!

Taking the time to create a clean eating meal plan will pay you back in the future!  Save your meal plan and shopping list and reuse!  Taking a few minutes each day to prep a few ingredients will save you from spending hours in the kitchen.



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Photo Credit: Lyndsey Piccolino
Photo Credit: Lyndsey Piccolino


I am a health & fitness coach and operate a fitness blog  I have been on my personal health & wellness journey for the past 18 months and have coached countless people to lose weight and begin a health & wellness regimen.

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