Holiday Traditions & Memories: Part Three

Holiday Traditions & Memories: Part Three

I love when traditions are about “paying-it-forward”. Helping others is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and give back this season. This week on Holiday Traditions & Memories, I am featuring guest author Vivianna Adams. Vivianna the author of the lifestyle blog Mums Orchard House. She is here today to give us great ways to make a holiday tradition of giving!






I am feeling incredibly thankful these days. No, I won’t lie, it doesn’t always come easy especially given our struggles as of late but I’m doing my best to be intentional about the little things… they really are the BIG things. And I truly do have so much to be thankful for.

Lately I’ve been taking notice of how my 3 year old can light up a stranger’s face simply by taking a moment to say hello. I refuse to believe that random kindness is dead. So, in honor of my friendly tot, I’ve decided to share some of the ways we can be more intentional with simple acts of kindness so that maybe this holiday season you just might find yourself feeling a bit inspired too! Most importantly, helping others, doesn’t have to cost a thing!


“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn



10 Easy Peasy & FREE ways to Give Back:


  • Give a stranger a bouquet of flowers
  • Keep a box of granola bars in your car so to share – I always feel better about giving food rather than money when I see someone in need.
  •  Leave a pair of hat & mittens in a ziplock bag with a note on the park bench on a cold day.
  • Go through your kids’ playroom with them to sort through the toys, books & clothes they no longer need to donate to your nearest shelter or local family in need vs. the thrift store.
  •  Take note when someone mentions a friend or family member having surgery or giving birth & offer to drop off a meal for their family.
  •  Stop in just to say “hi” to your elderly neighbor or local nursing home.
  •  Instead of ignoring those who frequent the negative talk on social media or seem to always be down on their luck, make uplifting cards with the kids & mail them something to replenish their faith in humanity.
  • Empty your change jar to pay for the coffee or toll behind you.
  •  Get a sitter & spend a date night volunteering together.
  •  Make a craft or treat to surprise your neighbor




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Vivianna is a free-spirited Mum writing from a little orchard home nestled between the lakes and mountains in rural Maine.  She reminds herself and you that we are not alone on this Journey through life & motherhood.  Sharing how she works on finding balance, embracing the struggles and making the most of her family’s adventures.
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