Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017.

Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017.

All I have to say is WOW… 2016 has been a crazy wonderful year filled with many ups and downs. Time is such a funny thing. When you are in it, you feel that the days are long and that those moments will last forever. But then in a blink of an eye, the year is over and that precious time with your loved ones goes by too quickly.

2016 was a whirlwind of a year.  It brought on so many new adventures, smiles and heartbreak. I am proud to say that the majority of my year was filled with making amazing memories with family and close friends.


For the Marier family, 2016 brought on some new changes…

My little baby girl Josie celebrated her 1st birthday this past June. It amazes me everyday how fast she grows and changes. We are very blessed that Hubby is able to stay home with her during the school day, and then goes to work in the evenings, when I get home from teaching. I know this schedule isn’t the easiest on him, but he does it because he’s such an amazing Daddy (thank you sweetie!).


Josie’s 1st Birthday


Little Ms. April enjoyed participating in gymnastics for her first time this summer and celebrated her 4th birthday with a butterfly fairy tea party!  April also kicked off the school year with preschool two days a week! This is big for her, especially because before Daddy was home schooling her with a preschool curriculum.



My dear sweet Sophie had the biggest change of them all. This fall she grew up instantly before my eyes, and started all day kindergarten! School has been an absolute blessing to her. She loves her teacher and loves challenging herself to learn everyday.   Sophie also enjoyed gymnastics for her first time this summer, and got to go on her first annual daddy-daughter “camp-out” to the family farm.



For Hubby and I, it has been a year full of ups and downs.

In May, we experienced the heartbreak of a miscarriage for our 4th pregnancy. That was a journey that made us join together in support and comfort. It was heartbreaking, but I believe made us closer in return. In those times of sorrow, love is what shines the brightest. (Read about my miscarriage story here).



In July, Hubby and I not only celebrated 5 years of marriage, but I decided to share my miscarriage story to the world. Yes, this is the month that I decided to create Just Simply Sarah, and boy I am so happy I did. Blogging has not only been a huge creative outlet for me, but it allows me to reflect and speak freely about life. Blogging has also brought me into a wonderful community of women writers, who not only share their inspiring passions everyday, but support one another in their dreams. I just think that is amazing and so happy to be apart of it.

In October, I got to stand by one of my best friend’s side as she married the love of her life. It was truly a fairy tale wedding in the woods.


Photo Credit: Flux Foto Photography


Hubby and I had another successful year promoting our annual natural bodybuilding show in Menomonie, Wisconsin. This was our third year promoting the NANBF Natural Badger Classic, and it has been a huge passion of ours. We got wonderful news this year, that not only is our show being promoted to a national pro-qualifier, I also got accepted to the position of NANBF Wisconsin State Director. So, there are a lot of exciting things in store for us in 2017!

I think the biggest news of all, has to be hands down the discovery that we are pregnant again! It seems almost surreal that we are being blessed with a fourth child. The girls are so excited. It’s fun to see family and friends speculate if we will finally be having a boy, or if we will be keeping on the tradition of girls.


Pregnancy announcement- December 2016
Bring on 2017…

The start of a new year is always so exciting.  A full year of new adventure awaits. I know its a little cliche to set goals for year, but there are definite intentions or goals I would like to make for myself.

First, my most important goal is to be more intentional with the time I have with my children. They are the most import element of my life. Motherhood is a huge blessing that I have been given. I know the days may be long, but the years are short. I was to slow down and cherish every moment I have with my sweet girls.

Secondly, I want to simplify life. Not only with where my priorities are when it comes to my busy day, but simplify my home. It has been so easy to accumulate stuff, that I want to transform my home into more of a minimalist approach. Our home may not be the biggest in terms of space, but my goal is to have it filled with more memories together, rather than importance placed on things. With our home soon to accommodate a family of 6, I truly believe simplifying is needed.

Third, is my hopes for this lovely little blog of mine. Just like I keep growing and transforming, so will my blog and writing. This year I would like to focus my writing on more of the everyday moments, a journal of my life of sorts. I will still keep my beloved  “Women Who Inspire” series, but it will be turning into a monthly feature this year. My hopes is that this will give me the time to focus more on my family and spend more time on each feature. I featured some pretty amazing women in 2016, I cannot wait to see what 2017 holds!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book- Write a good one!”


Happy New Years from my family to yours!

~ Sarah


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