Cheers & Beers Celebration

Cheers & Beers Celebration

Well a lot has been happening in the Marier household this past week. Not only have I taken on a “new” (and returning) business venture with Wildtree organics (which I LOVE), but hubby celebrated his 30th birthday!

There is something about reaching thirty that signifies a new beginning. A milestone that I won’t reach for another year, but one that I do not fear. Life in your twenties is good… it’s fun and it’s exciting. It’s a time for self exploration and adventure. It’s a time for mistakes and learning life lessons.

Thirty to me on another hand, seems a time for self contentment. I time to truly wrap yourself around those you care about and establish roots. A time to continue to follow your dreams, but be comfortable in your own skin.



I am so happy that we got to celebrate him and this milestone. He has grown and achieved so much in his first thirty years, that I am so excited to see where the next thirty takes him.

I feel so blessed that we had so many friends and family come out to celebrate with us. His “Cheers & Beers” party was a success at the local brewery.



Happy 30th birthday my love!

“Behind us are memories, Beside us are friends, and before us are dreams”

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