Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah





Welcome to Just Simply Sarah! A place where I talk about the simply joys of life, meal planning and steps to live a healthier lifestyle. As a wife and mother to three (almost four!) little ones, I quickly learned that motherhood was a beautifully, crazy, and fulfilling role.

Many of us lose our own identifies in the hustle and bustle, or fall into the feeling of guilt from outside pressures that society places on us. I know, that I for one did. I felt overwhelmed managing day to day tasks, feeling like I had to be the perfect pinterest mom, or live a perfectly “green” lifestyle…all while still finding time to just be me!

My passion with this little blog of mine to to talk about the reality of motherhood. We are busy, we love our children, and all we want sometimes is a moment of peace. So here you will find not only my thoughts on this little journey of life, but ways to help you slow down and live a simpler, healthier life…

So here you will find:

  • Ways to meal plan, so you can not be a slave in the kitchen…or eat healthier as a family.
  • Ways to cut down on chemicals in your home (without going insane or breaking the bank!)…
  • Even simply crafts to spend time with your kids away from the tv or cell phones.


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