A Day on the Farm.

A Day on the Farm.

Last week my dad and I decided to pack up the girls and head up to visit my grandpa on our family farm in northern Minnesota. This farm is a very special place to me. I has been in our family since 1903!

My great-great grandpa decided to take a chance, pack up his family, buy a plot of land from the railroad, and start a whole new life farming in northern Minnesota. There are so many memories there. Not only for me, but generations of experiences. My Grandpa was even born right there in the kitchen. My own dad was raised on this farm in that very same farmhouse. Its crazy to think that my daughters are the 7th generation to step foot on this farm.


I was blessed to spend sometime with my Grandpa looking through old family photos. It was so special to hear him tell the stories of those in the photos and see how the farm has changed over the last century. It was amazing to see photos of family laugh and smile in the same room that we were sitting. Maybe its because i’m a history teacher that I appreciate all the history of those who came before me, but it was a very special moment for me.

As I now walked around the farm with my own children, I couldn’t help but think about my own childhood memories there. My sisters and I spent countless hours running around this farm, on our many visits to see my grandparents. I remember the countless tractor rides that we begged our Grandpa for. Playing in the hay shed for hours, climbing on the mounds of hay- imaging we were on great adventures. Feeding the baby calves bottles and petting the heads of the big gentle cows.

(Pictures of myself as a little girl enjoying the farm)


But my favorite memory of all, is spending time in the kitchen with my Grandma baking cookies. She loved to bake and loved ice cream. She would offer my sisters and I ice cream after every meal (well lunch and dinner). I’m sure my mom didn’t love the idea of loading us up with sugar (what mom would?), but to us it was so special.


Its been a while since my Grandma has left us due to Huntington’s Disease, but I always feel close to her when I am here. I don’t know why, but there is a lone tree that stands next to the garage that always makes me think of her. As I watched my girls run around the tree, I couldn’t help but think that even though my Grandma never got to meet my girls in person, I knew she was there with us watching them laugh and play.


“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons”







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